Web Designing Tips – A Practical Guide to Increase Your Conversions

For an online business, conversion rate means business. Entrepreneurs often look for an answer to the most commonly asked question, “How do I increase the conversions?” Conversion rate is the measure of prospective visitors that buy your services or products. It is also defined as the percentage of the visitors that actually make the purchase.

Want to convert your visitors into business? Here is a practical guide to help you convert the onlookers into clients and customers into sales.

Include Some Fresh Content

A website regularly updated with new and appropriate content always attracts visitor’s attention. Nobody likes to read the old content again and again and it just takes them a few seconds to hit the back button. Include relevant and informative content on your website as the content also helps you to increase conversions.

Know Your Audience

While designing a website, it is vital to know your target audience. Are you designing a website to target female customers only or is it designed to target people of a certain age group? Many customers can end up doing window shopping on your website which can reduce your conversion rate. Remember to provide your target audience with quality over quantity while designing the website.

Call-To-Action Line

The most common mistake – a website with an ineffective call-to-action line can drive away the visitors. Image a situation where you are not able to find out a way to contact the company or buy their services. What will you do in such a condition? Navigate away, right? This is a potential reason why your website is not converting customers. While designing a website, remember to have an easy to access call-to-action line present throughout the page.

Mobile Friendly Website

Now-a-days, with the increasing use of smart phones it has become vital to have a website that can be accessed from different screens. Having a mobile compatible website eliminates the possibility of having copied content as a single responsive website is designed. Responsive design can increase your conversions as users can shop for your services even on the go.

Make It Simple for Your Customers

While designing the website, keep user accessibility in mind. If you have an e-commerce website, make sure to include the, “Add to the Basket” button above the fold. Make your website compatible with different browsers to target large audience base.

By including these simple tips in the design of your website, you can easily increase the conversion rate to enhance your sales. Give your business a boost by designing an attractive and effective website. Remember increased visitor engagement automatically means more business! https://www.thinsquare.com/responsive-web-design-services

Author: Gurpreet Walia