Web Development Process-Development Life Cycle

Web Development process can also be classified into different development life cycle steps just like traditional software development process. Basically Web development is process of designing a website for World Wide Web using various programming and designing technology.

Web development includes six processes:


Study and analyze the exact requirements. This can be through emails, questionnaires, interactive sessions, etc. Analysis must cover all aspects including the existing web system as well as audience.

Specification and documentation:

Create system functionality document which perceive all the requirements of the client with all the minute details. It will create better understanding about the system to be developed. Also mention all the future requirements as well as all the costing details.


This process includes designing a small prototype or small working model. It covers activities directed towards the architecture of the system and function flow diagrams including detailed specification of the system. In this process there can be lot many suggestions from the customer and those changes should be noted down and should discussed and before moving onto the next phase.


Development phase transforms the detailed design and specification into actual product through various hard code programs. It includes the integration of source code, database files and content into a single module or product.

Testing and Deployment:

It includes testing the product or modules of the product through various testing process like load testing, cross-browser compatibility testing, resolution testing and integration testing. It also includes the validation of pages through w3c consortium. The finished product is deployed and functions are carried out through the system, which the system is supposed to do.

Marketing and Maintenance:

Marketing is a process which involves preparation of Meta tags, optimizing pages from various factors, submitting the website to different search engine. Maintenance is the important step of the whole process. It includes frequent updating of the web site to keep it fresh. Various bug fixes and errors will be done during maintenance phase.

The above mentioned all the steps are not fixed for web development process. It may vary according to the company’s policy and strategy.

Author: Nik Chauhan