Website Design – 5 of the Most Important Things Every Web Designer Professional Must Know

As a website designer or copywriter, it is important to know the legality behind what information you post on every site you design. Following are five of the top aspects of content usability you should know about:

1. Am I right? You may think it is okay to use other people’s information, but many people sit back and think will anyone catch me? The answer is that it is not all right to use someone else’s information regardless of whether you will be caught on the. Worst case scenario is that they report you to your web host who can take on your website.

2. Who has dominion? Who has jurisdiction over any wrongdoing on the Internet? This is a question that you must be able to answer if you are conducting business on the Internet through e-commerce or if you are a blogger. It is definitely different than on terra firma they have online.

3. Many publishers online and bloggers go onto other people’s websites and conduct malicious acts such as writing disparaging comments on their blog. It is hard at times to identify an anonymous poster? How do you identify them? This can be easily done by tracking their IP address. No matter what platform you are using for your website or blog their capabilities you can install such as a plug-in to allow you to track the IP addresses of anyone either coming to your site or commenting on your blog.

4. ISP providers are immune to prosecution – An ISP provider is not liable for the wrongdoing of anyone who has a website hosted on their servers. As such, they will not be prosecuted if any of their customers conduct the wrongdoing online. Although the ISP provider can take down a website if properly notified.

5. You cannot just bury your head and not worry about what could happen – do not think that being an Internet marketer means you do not have to pay attention to any laws? This is an easy road to follow but it is not the correct one. You want to make sure you know about what laws are current in the state you live in and within the country you reside. You also want to know about any Internet marketing sales taxes a state may have if you live in the United States. Some states have them and some states don’t.

If you are an Internet marketer who is out to attract as many prospective customers and subscribers as possible along with developing a greater presence online you need to learn as much as you can about link building and Internet marketing.

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Author: David Hale