What Makes a Web Designer a Web Designer?

The other day I got a call from a prospective client. The client was very concerned that their current web designer was taking the main business owner for a ride – taking advantage – etc.

It appears that the web designer is way behind in schedule on delivery of the project. When I reviewed the delivery milestones with the prospect, it turned out to be an extremely simple project – one that could easily be produced and delivered in under 20 man-hours.

A natural logical progression from where we had been, was to next move onto the subject of price. I couldn’t believe what their web designer was charging for such a small project – almost double of what I would consider average and reasonable rates. And on top of this, the designer was weeks behind on schedule.

So we started digging a little deeper. When we hit upon the real issue here, I was flabbergasted. It turns out that the web designer had to contract to third parties the HTML coding part of the project.

If you’re going to call yourself a web designer, then surely you should know HTML??? I’ve worked with plenty of graphic designers in the past that didn’t know HTML, but they disclosed this right up-front, and called themselves graphic designers and not web designers.

HTML is the entire BASIS of the Internet.

I would feel very uncomfortable knowing that the person in charge of designing our street system in the city did not know how to drive.

I guess the moral of the story is: do your own due diligence.

Author: Andreas Huttenrauch