Where To Seek Software Help

When seeking software help, the first suggestion always given is to check with the manufacturer’s software manual. There is always a user manual with the software package of your purchase. Next thing would be to check the actual “Program Help” from the “Help Menu.” If that doesn’t help the next consideration is the “Read Me File”. Some times none of these things will help fix your software issue. If this is the case; then, it’s time to consider looking else where for software help.

It’s always good to register your software. Registering your software has benefits. Some of the benefits include technical support. There is always a phone number somewhere in the user manual to get software help. If you call and the support person can’t help you; or upon helping you decides that the software is defective, they will replace it for you. When you purchase a pc, the sales person always give you a registration card to register the hardware and software somewhere in the package. If you are not sure about the registration card then ask the salesperson if there are registration cards for the merchandise because it is worth it.

There is a lot of online technical help available. There are many self-help directories and forums for you to post your software issue at. The problem is many times you have to have more than just a little knowledge of what the problem is with the software to fix it. One way to avoid software help is to periodically run maintenance programs on your computer to make sure everything on your computer runs smoothly. There are many good maintenance, registry and error utility software programs. Most of them are user friendly and once installed all you do is click on the icon and it searches for the problems for you. Once it finds the problems you click on another button and it fixes them for you.

Another alternative to help you with your software issues on a windows operating system is to do a system restore or system recovery. If your operating system is corrupted or has data missing you can try a system restore. With a system restore your information is maintained on the computer so you do not loose your current data. It is suggested that you back up your important data on a CD however in case something goes wrong. The other option is a complete system recovery, where your pc is restored back to the way it was when you purchased it. With a recovery all of your data is destroyed so you have to back up your information if you want to keep it and reinstall it after the recovery is completed. The second option is when all else fails.

I remember once hiring a professional to come to my home to fix my computer. He wound up doing a complete Windows recovery. Well, I could have done it myself; and saved $80.00. Mac computers have a similar process with their operating system. An archive reinstall, is like a system restore. You can also completely reinstall the operating system like a Windows system recovery. With Macs you have to also back you data up.

Another thing that is good software help is to run your anti-virus software daily, because sometimes viruses or malware will cause software malfunctions. Once the culprit is isolated it can be deleted so your computer can run properly again.

When all else fails the smart thing to do is get professional help. You can explain to them what the problem is and they can pinpoint the problem so it can get fixed. When it comes to software if you don’t know what is wrong or how to fix it don’t try and do it yourself because it can damage your computer permanently and you don’t want that.

Author: Regina Schwartz