Which Are The Best Web Development Languages?

One of the biggest examples of technological advancements is the immense change in programming platforms. At present, you have numerous programming languages which can be used to develop websites. However, some of them are more successful than the others. On a professional level, PHP (Hypertext processor) and Dot Net are two of the most common and powerful programming platforms for web development. Most web development companies are using these languages on design websites. However, some companies are also using JAVA and flash to construct web pages. In the recent years, PHP has gained immense popularity due to its compatibility and low memory requirements. In addition to that, it is much easier to learn as compared to the other programming languages and it has an easier syntax. Nowadays, PHP along with MY SQL is being used to construct some of the most powerful online databases.

The other option is the DOT net framework. As I mentioned before, some of the prestigious web development companies are working on this technology. As compared to PHP, Dot net is more and is used to build much larger applications. As compared to the other versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, dot net offers much easier programming options. The developer does not have to type the entire programming statement manually as the possible options are made apparent to him. In addition to that, some of the biggest global organizations have their websites running on the dot net framework.

Which platform works better for web development purposes? Along with these two, JAVA is also a very constructive programming platform. However, it is not being used very commonly these days. Some web development companies avoid JAVA programming due to the difficult syntax. Along with that, JAVA is an open source language. This means that the code of JAVA applications is available for free.

If you are getting a website developed and you are confused in selecting the right programming language, have a look at your compatibility level. Try to select a platform which is already running in your company. However, this is not the only important angle. If your website needs regular updating, PHP is the most suitable option for you. Applications programmed on PHP can be modified easily and without the consumption of large time duration. Apart from that, if you need to connect the website with an existing application which has been developed on DOT net then you should select the same programming platform for web development purposes.

Author: Owais Siddiqui