Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

I know you’ve seen them; the homemade brochures, the flyers that use Microsoft Word art and every wacky font found under the sun. The business cards that were printed at home and cut crooked by hand or have the perforations in them from store bought card stock templates. The websites that look chaotic, have no natural flow to them, and have missing links. Even business cards and websites offered at low prices and provide easy-to-use templates look a little more professional, but they start to take on a cookie-cutter quality that doesn’t allow a business to separate themselves from the pack. And you never want to be part of the pack!

Business cards, websites and brochures created this way often have the recipient wondering if the business represented is truly a professional organization. Is your business image being tarnished worth saving a few dollars?

Professionally Designed Marketing Materials Equals Instant Credibility

Investing in professional graphic design services shows your prospects and clients that you value your business, work, and your services enough to invest in them… so they should too! Think of it this way, if you don’t value yourself enough to invest in professional materials for your own business, which will help you grow and increase profits, then how can you expect anyone else to value your services or products enough to pay for them?

If you are concerned about the cost, first, look at what you need in the way of marketing materials and then calculate how many products or services you will need to sell to earn your investment back (ROI). Then, speak with a professional and see how they would market you in order to grow and expand your business. Also, openly discuss your budget with them. See if they have any creative solutions to save you money and have them explain why it cost a certain amount to produce the materials you desire. Getting yourself educated is key when deciding who to hire and how much to spend.

First Impressions are Always Key

First impressions are key and a poor first impression can cause you to lose a potential prospect or even a client forever. Consistent, quality, creative design and compelling marketing materials help your business appear professional, credible, and dependable. They are also are your best tool to attract and retain new clients.

When high quality design is combined with an attention-getting headline, targeted copy that speaks right to your target market and audience, and an irresistible call to action, you will begin to land the ideal clients right to you!

Author: Marshall Pickard