Wii Burning Software – Get Wii Burning Software

Do you want to burn Wii games? If so, then I am sure you are looking for some Wii burning software so you can get started? You’re in the right place for that. I am going to show you how to get Wii burning software and start backing up your collection of games. Whether you have 2 games, 20 games or 200 games you can still easily backup your entire collection quickly and efficiently.

Wii burning software allows you to burn games without having to worry about the copyright encryption that is placed upon all games. This encryption is even on newer DVD’s and other video games as well. A lot of people think there is no way around it, but that is simply not true. There are several software programs out there that basically bypass the copyright protection which allows you to backup your collection of DVD’s or games without worrying about a copyright barrier. However, don’t forget it is illegal to make copies of games that you do not own, therefore you should only use this software to backup your current collection.

The Wii burning software is called “Game Copy Wizard.” It is super easy to install. Once you have it installed, all you need to do is insert your video game into your DVD drive and follow the on-screen instructions that the software gives you, which I must say is VERY simple. Once completed, you then remove the video game and place a blank DVD into your disc drive. You then continue to follow the on-screen instructions. A few minutes later, you have a backup copy of your Wii game. The best part is the game works just as a good as the original.

Author: Hunter Parrish